Business Model

At CogentHub, we provide comprehensive BPO services to drive our client’s services. In fact, our business model is geared towards the provision of value.

Recruitment and Training

We have a dedicated hiring team that monitors and recruits from the vast talent pool in Kolkata. Multiple recruitment rounds including comprehensive checks are conducted for identification and hiring of the right resources. After hiring, the recruits go through a rigorous training process and develop their skills to the requisite level demanded by global clients

Technology and Infrastructure:

CogentHub utilises the latest technology in the delivery of its services. With continuous improvements and upgrades, we ensure that our technological and infrastructure capabilities meet international industry standards.


CogentHub complies with all relevant regulations. All hires are trained to comply with our quality standards so as to ensure the delivery of top-grade services.

Information Security:

We emphasise the importance of information security in all aspects of our work. Robust security protocols have been implemented to prevent data theft. Cybersecurity protocols and technologies have been integrated as well.