Energy and Utilities Services

The energy sector has been significantly affected by the economic downturn. Besides the price raise, which was caused mostly because of capacity shortage across its value chain, companies faced pressure from demanding customer expectations, regulators, rising expenses and from mergers and acquisitions. Utilities, on the other hand, also faced issues like customer retention. This happened due to the sector experiencing challenges in cross-selling in the existing markets as well as in capitalising on new opportunities in the emerging market.

Both the sectors has undergone major changes in the last decades in terms of liberalisation, efforts in improving energy efficiency, increased competition, and in coping with new technological solutions like smart meter and grid operations. Other challenges faced by Energy and Utility companies include maintaining assets that are geographically spread out and disparate, ensuring customer satisfaction due to their diverse and large customer base, recruiting and retaining skilled workforce, and processing and assimilating large amount of complex data. Hence, businesses are tying up with outsourcing service providers for better solutions and enhanced performance.

CogentHub offers a series of services for such customers.
Customer Experience:
  • Customer acquisition, retention, cross and up sells and cost to serve
  • Customer Analytics
    • Segmentation
    • Lifetime Value Analysis
    • NPS Analysis
  • Customer Care
    • Queries
    • Exception Handing
    • Correspondence- IVR, chat, email and Social Media
Why CogentHub:
  • Continuous value creation using process standardization
  • End-to-end service delivery
  • Seamless process off-shoring
  • Reduced cost consumption
  • Demonstrated track record of efficiency and effectiveness