Retail and E-commerce

With the current state of the economy, retailers and ecommerce companies are under significant pressures to reduce costs as well as increase revenue while improving the loyalty and experience of the customers. This customer experience plays a huge role in building loyalty. As a result, retail organisations are continually evaluating different ways to enhance their customer interactions to create an emotional bond. However, it often remains elusive, this creating immense pressure on retailers. This requires proper analysis, planning, and execution. Outsourcing these business processes is gradually becoming a strategic step for many retailers and ecommerce sites.

CogentHub’s BPO Solutions can help retailers with planning and executing these strategies. We help the retail organisations to understand their customers’ “true” requirements and design as well as manage outsourced solutions that deliver measurable results. This enhances customer relationship and enhances customer satisfaction. With CogentHub as your outsourcing partner, retailers can execute excellence at minimal risk, backed by a proper deal structure.

CogentHub BPO can help retailers to improve the following business processes, while reducing the costs involved:
Retail: Multi Channel Customer Experience Management Services
  • Customer services and sales support
  • Account management, coupon/gift card management
  • Returns and refunds management
  • Complaint management
Analytics: Services for Maximising Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer profiling and target marketing
  • Scheme and incentive assessment
  • Loyalty program analytics
  • Multi-channel customer experience optimisation
Reputation Management: Services for Brand Awareness and Continuity
  • Social Media tracking and proactive response process
  • Moderation of text and graphical content available across various media options
  • Essentials for compliance with legislation, copyright and trademark laws
Financial Services: Services from procurement to reporting
  • Procure to pay- Account payable, P-Card, T&E management, recons
  • Order to cash- Credit management, order & billing management, cash applications, collections, recons, disputes and deductions
  • Record to Report– GL accounting, monthly/quarter closing, financial recon and analysis
Why CogentHub?
  • Process expertise across various industries
  • Deep industry insight
  • Technological excellence
  • Integrated retail outsourcing solutions
  • Excellent communication skills