Few words about us

CogentHub is a global business solutions provider with the latest technologies in our arsenal. To help our clients gain an advantage in the throat cut business world and attain their business goals, we create a unique amalgamation of data and technology.

The experienced members of our team ensure that we deliver exceptional management and outsourcing services, no matter what.

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

You just have to inform us about your expectations and requirements, and our experts get down and analyze them in detail before proceeding.


Once the requirements are known, our experts will formulate a strategy to develop the perfect the solution, based on the best technologies.


Our skilled and experienced Team of professionals will use the best techniques and processes to design, develop and bring your idea into life.


After development, the products are rigorously tested multiple times to ensure that a bug-free solution is delivered to you, on time.

Leading Edge Technology

CogentHub has exclusive Asia rights to utilise cutting edge software called Avatar which helps make our contact centre more compliant, secure, and efficient.

The Avatar platform uses pre-recorded audio in conjunction with a scripted, on-screen conversation flow and is operated by a human agent who can hear the dialogue between the customer and the Avatar audio. Essentially, the Avatar platform talks to the customer without the agent ever being able to speak to him/ her directly, as the agent selects appropriate voice responses for the Avatar platform to verbalise from a keyboard.

Why cogenthub

Complete Digital Services

Process Improvement & Efficiency

Huge talent pool of skilled professionals

Cost Effective

Improved Quality

Technology Leadership.

Building Business Value


Billing Models

Details regarding the different ways the billing models are proposed and the methodologies for the same are followed.

  • FTE Based
  • Production Hour Based Billing
  • Transaction Based Billing

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