Integrated BPO

As a young organisation, CogentHub is committed to providing innovative outsourcing services to support companies worldwide. Our integrated BPO platform seamlessly combines a host of services including Business Transformation Services, Technology Enabled Services, Knowledge Services, Back Office Services and Front Office Services.

we aim to improve the performance of our client companies across various fields for their respective business processes using our innovative outsourcing services. The result is improved revenues, cash flow and capital utilization, cost reductions, maximum customer satisfaction and most importantly, enhanced overall competitive position of the client.

Our integrated BPO services have helped several companies across various industries such as retail, energy & utility, healthcare, travel & transport, technology and telecommunications. At CogentHub, we firmly believe in delivering measurable results that improve the efficiency and productivity of our valued clients.

Our Verticals
  • Telecom & ISP: Customer Care, Technical Support, Provisioning & Quality Audits, Tele-marketing
  • Retail: Customer Care, Dispute Management, Escalation Queue, Upsell Queue
  • Travel & Transport: Customer Care, Travel Guide, Navigation Support, Logistics Management
  • Energy & Utilities: Customer Care, Technical Support, Tele-marketing
  • Healthcare: Customer Care, Helpline, Doctor Helpline, Medical Transcription

Our Integrated BPO solutions help to manage various business functions across the total customer lifecycle.

Our Advantage
  • Covers all stage of customer lifecycle
  • Helps in cost reduction, while focusing on improving the clients’ business performance across various business processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Delivering measurable results
  • Experience of serving clients across diverse industries