Knowledge Services

CogentHub offers in-depth Knowledge Process Outsourcing services as every industry is in constant need for knowledge processing where they need to research, organise, process, analyse and present business data for providing insights that help the organisation to reach its business objectives.

In this current economic situation, more and more businesses are looking for ways to create value while reducing the cost using superior productivity and high quality business expertise. Our Knowledge Services are aimed at helping businesses on this front. Using key strategic pillar, CogentHub focuses on improving the time-to-market and enhancing their organisational effectiveness by giving them access to special skills.

Our Knowledge Service encompasses areas like research and analytics, data search, business research, financial services, integration and management services. Instead of focusing on process expertise, our Knowledge Service focuses on knowledge expertise, giving emphasis on analytical and advanced technical skills.


Analytical intelligence is a key competitive differentiator for businesses. Cogenthub helps businesses gain a competitive edge using the power of business process and data.

Industry Expertise


Customer profiling and target marketing, Product scheme/ Incentive assessment, Multi-channel customer experience optimisation, Loyalty program analytics etc.


Data Aggregation & Mining, Business Intelligence, Fraud Detection & Prevention, Customer Behaviour Analysis and more


Interline Network Optimisation Analytics, Monthly Business Analysis and Management Reporting, Proviso Analysis and Structuring, Predictive Analysis for Revenue Projections, SPA Performance Analysis as Compared with Market Data, Airline Loyalty Management, Customer Segmentation, Marketing Campaign Designing and Strategies, Target List Generation and ROI Optimisation, Customer Lifeline Value and Profitability, Interline Evaluation, SPA/Codeshare Score Carding, Identify the key evaluation areas for interline relationship using robust analysis framework, Recommendations around key business decisions like sectors, RBDs, connectivity, etc.

Financial Services

Our Financial Research Knowledge Services are based on a solid foundation of domain and execution expertise.