CogentHub's business models add values to enhance the business of its customers.

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Covid-19 Updates

At CongentHub, we give utmost importance to our employees' safety and health. Preventive measures have been initiated to protect our employees from the Covid19 outbreak without hampering customers' business continuity.

What We Can Do For You?

Businesses encounter several challenges during their lifecycle. At CogentHub, we help to address these hurdles by contributing unparalleled services in management consulting. We harness the most advanced technology towards delivering a delightful experience for your customers. CogentHub achieves excellence by deploying immaculately planned operations without any compromise.

CogentHub presents a wide array of services ranging from front-office management, knowledge services, integrated BPO and back-office management. We continue to service clients in the Retail, Telecom, Finance, Utilities, Healthcare and Travel industries. We have thoughtfully created a passionate group of professionals that prides itself in delivering objectives set out by you. This team subscribes itself to your thought process and goals and endeavours to effectively fuel your business growth.

We deploy future ready Technology to keep you ahead of the curve

We have secured exclusive Asia rights to utilise the AVATAR Software. AVATAR empowers us to deliver compliant, secure, and efficient services to your customers and target groups.

The AVATAR platform utilises pre-recorded audio in conjunction with a scripted and on-screen conversation flow. A human agent determines the dialogue between a customer and the AVATAR audio. The Avatar platform interacts with your customers without the agent ever speaking to them directly. The agent decides appropriate voice answers for the Avatar platform to verbalise from a keyboard. 

This process ensures an extraordinary service experience for your customers and enhances your business process management.

Benefits Of Teaming Up With CogentHub

Strategic Differentiation

We have adopted a different business strategy, which involves low cost and risk, and high profit. This strategic differentiation increases the competitive advantages in the market.

Process Improvement & Efficiency

We always focus on the minor process improvements required in our company, which positively affects efficiency.

Cost Savings

We believe in business processes that save costs and can generate the maximum profit and work power.

Increased focus on care competencies

CogentHub provides a platform of outsourcing, which can help the companies focus more on the business's core areas, giving the clients scope to improve their businesses.

Huge talent pool of skilled English speaking professionals

Communication is the most crucial part of this industry. We have skilled English speaking professionals who are innovative, creative as well as trained and talented.

Improved Quality

We, at CogentHub, always focus on every scope to increase the quality of our services which mainly involves flexibility, assurance, reliability, security, responsiveness.

Building & Strengthening presence in new market.

We always try to maintain a swift flow of communication between our clients and the prospects; hence the message delivered should always remain clear and straightforward, building a new market presence.

Building Business Value

We ensure speedy delivery, better quality, dedicated customer service and zero compromises on work quality.

We deliver to clients that evolve

Food Tech

Food Tech Business creates such value for its patrons that it is now considered an essential service in many countries. Continuity is the most critical aspect of this business, and CogentHub ensures that your customer and stakeholders can access unhindered support 24X7.

Ed Tech

The scope of EdTech is not just limited to collating study materials anymore. CogentHub’s Business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions can help you give students the best chance of success, retrain workers for more in-demand professions and help employees create value.

Travel Tech

The travel industry is currently facing significant challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, including cut-throat competition, pressure to acquire new customers, retaining customers on the demand side and managing partners and alliances on the supply side.

Fashion and Retail

Fashion and Retail businesses are gearing up for a paradigm shift in the way they operate today. The latest technologies and innovations have forced retail businesses to enter a new competitive online market. CogentHub, with its multi-dimensional approach, can assist you in responding to the changing business dynamics

Retail And E-commerce

The booming success of the E-commerce Sector has proven that people prefer to shop online, as it allows them to access goods and services 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

Services we offer

Integrated BPO

We aim to improve the performance of the companies of our client across various fields of their respective business processes using our innovative outsourcing services.

Back Office Management

We take pride in our deep industry-based knowledge that allows us to support the lifecycle of our client’s customers.

Knowledge Services

Our knowledge services are aimed toward helping businesses create value while reducing their cost using superior productivity and high quality business expertise.

Front Office Management

With our extensive expertise, we deliver topnotch management of all front office services, ensuring the continued success of our clients.

Awards & Recognition