CogentHub’s CEO Wins The 'Indian Influencers in Greater Manchester Award'

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Manchester is the largest city after London displaying an investment-worthy portfolio for decades. The bilateral ties between India and Manchester have boosted the growing economy and led to both countries' holistic development.

We find immense pride in sharing that our CEO and Director, Mr Avinash Vasa, has been awarded the honour of "INDIAN INFLUENCER" For Development of Trade and Commerce and People to People Connect between India and the UK Corridor ".

History Of This Award

Good work and ambition often get taken for granted. The 'Indian Influencers List in Greater Manchester' aims to recognise the socio-economic and cultural contributions of the Indian diaspora in Manchester, UK. It is an announcement of the names of those personalities of Indian origin whose influence in trade and commerce in Greater Manchester we cannot overlook.

The endeavour is to make a comprehensive list of individuals who have risen above religion and gender. It celebrates those who have run that extra mile to improve the lives of Manchester communities in various ways. These individuals are essential contributors from the corporate world, social and cultural organisations, and some global presence and made Indians proud internationally.

Manchester is the sixth-largest gateway for India in Europe, with significant bilateral trade and investment opportunities. It has re-established its critical importance to the future of the industry and for its knowledge-sharing with India. UK-India Relations over the years have developed immensely. Indian Companies like JLR, TVS and Infosys have invested extensively in the UK Market. They have played a key role in shaping regional economies, creating employment opportunities, and building a sustainable supply chain for machinery and products and talent, skill, and technology.

The Purpose Of This Award

Despite being a vast nation and the 2nd populous country globally, India has one of the world's most rapidly developing major economies. The rate at which it is diversifying and modernising has earned the attention of most major international companies over the last decade. On top of this, India's e-commerce market has tripled to $33 billion since 2015.

These prestigious bi-lateral awards seek to recognise and honour outstanding individuals, businesses and organisations (based in the UK and India) who have contributed to strengthening the UK-India partnership in recent years. It is one of the most exclusive events in the UK-India business corridor. The gala dinner and awards ceremony brings together senior officials, business leaders, academics, celebrities, UHNW's and influencers from across the UK, India and globally.

Jury Selection

The wide panel of the jury include experts from different fields. They based the selection on Concrete contribution in one or many areas, including creating jobs, innovation, and research, service to society through arts, culture, sports over the last ten years.

Some of the most famous names include:

  • Reshma Ruia - Reshma Ruia is an award-winning author and poet. Her first novel, Something Black in the Lentil Soup, was described in the Sunday Times as 'a gem of a straight-faced comedy.'

  • Lakshmi Kaul - Lakshmi Kaul is the Head and Representative – UK, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) based in London.

  • Esme Ward- Esme Ward is Director of Manchester Museum and Honorary Professor of Heritage Futures at the University of Manchester.

  • Beth Hewitt - Beth Hewitt is the Creative Director for the School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology based at the University of Salford's Media City UK campus.

  • Dr Rajan Madhok - After a long and successful career in NHS management, Dr Rajan Madhok retired as the Medical Director at NHS Manchester in 2012 and now works independently. A medical graduate from Delhi, India, he came to the UK in 1980.

  • Ghanshyam Nabar - Ghanshyam heads the newly launched West Midlands-India Partnership as the Director and aims to take the Partnership between UK & India beyond its transactional value.

  • Manish Tiwari - Manish Tiwari is the Founder and Managing Director of Here&Now365, the UK's leading independent experiential & ethnic advertising and marketing agency.

  • Anasudhin Azeez - Anasudhin Azeez is the editor of Asian Lite and the most influential Asian journalist in Westminster.

The entire project has been conceptualised, coordinated, curated, researched, and executed by Rahul Laud, Associate Editor, Asian Lite International.

Recipient selection

There are people in the society for whom circumstances, lack of resources and setbacks are no hurdles. These individuals are people of strong will and dedication. Despite all odds, these champions dedicate their lives in their field of interest to stand apart in society. Having achieved great heights in their respective domains, these individuals need to be encouraged; hence they are awarded The Indian Influencers in MMR Awards. We find immense pride in sharing that our CEO and Director, Mr Avinash Vasa, has been awarded the honour of "INDIAN INFLUENCER For Development of Trade and Commerce and People to People Connect between India the UK Corridor ".

Reputation Benefits

Becoming an Influencer's Award winner gives us:

  • An enriched professional profile and an enhanced reputation which ultimately leads to continued business success.

  • The opportunity to use the winner's logo on our website alongside other promotional materials.

  • An impressive winner's trophy and certificate to proudly display in our office.

  • Become eligible for nomination of other acclaimed National and International Awards

Previous Award Recipients'

Some of the Previous Award Recipients are Dr Vaskar Saha, Chanakya Rajagopala, Dr Anindita Ghosh, Sonal Mehta. These unsung heroes form the crux of the Indian Influencers in Manchester list.


Many luminaries influence our society without getting recognition for their achievements. This Influencer Award aims to recognise the socio-economic and cultural contributions of these personages in the UK. The United Kingdom and India share a strong and enduring bond, strengthened by a modern trading relationship. It plays a stellar role with shared ambition, which always captures the spotlight.