Call centre trends for 2021

Call centre trends for 2021

The pandemic last year presented several challenges across industries; expectedly, this disruption affected Contact Centres operations globally. However, the outsourcing industry confronted the situation head-on, remodelled its functions, and delivered as per customer expectations.

In the Business-Process-Management industry, you will witness a relentless effort on providing high-quality client service and enhanced consumer journeys.

And today, I will list some business trends you can expect to evolve and mature further this year.


Although the cloud concept is not new, and the work-from-home idea dramatically increased business reliance on this tool. Contact centres moved their agents to home offices and modelled their back-end support services on the cloud format.

Industry experts expect the Cloud Computing market to grow from USD 371.4 Billion in 2020 to USD 832.1 Billion by 2025. Companies that embraced a cloud contact centre immediately saw all the advantages it delivers. With the adoption of this format, corporations achieved business agility, enhanced productivity, and improved security.


Multicloud is a strategy that involves deploying cloud services from more than one cloud vendor.

Today businesses do not want unexpected restrictions on how they operate a cloud-based call centre. They want an environment with more scalability, portability, and flexibility, regardless of their business size and complexity. The pandemic has provided an important lesson, that any function should not rely entirely on one support provider. Thus in 2021, we expect to see more businesses leaning towards the multi-cloud approach. All organisations will welcome customisations that will let them plugin features instrumental in enhancing their productivity.

Personalised customer experience

The last year has prepared us for knowing the significance of understanding the customers better. Today, irrespective of the industry, your consumers desire further personalised help.

Agents can assist the clients better when they have the correct information at their fingertips. The stress on data-driven service will continue to grow in 2021. A deep understanding of your customers to provide the service they want, when they want it, will play a crucial in the current market.

At CogentHub we take great pride in recognising our client's customer expectations and addressing their requests to total satisfaction.

Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms have become an essential point of contact for both companies and customers. Company websites are critical; however, social media is now a crucial communication element between your customer and brand.

More businesses will maintain a notable presence on social media here-onwards. Social media platforms present patrons with an easier way to post their reviews on social networks about you. This attribute is an excellent way for you to evaluate your brand engagement continuously and understand customer satisfaction.

Remote work

The remote working idea is currently is a sheer necessity for businesses to reduce vulnerability from undefined interruptions. We observe that many organisations are now moving into a perpetual work from home model. Our research suggests that a virtual call centre will present itself as the latest evolutionary trend in the event this disruption stretches. Hence we have invested in technology like our Avatar Software that now contributes significantly to our Business Continuity Plan.


Starting last year, many stakeholders of the outsourcing industry evolved to stay relevant and in business. Coupled with higher customer expectations, providing superior quality customer service is now mission-critical and priority number one. We will witness contact centres integrate their operations with the latest technologies to ensure customer delight at every step of engagement.

At CogentHub, we burn the midnight oil to stay in tune with all the industry trends and innovations. We invest heavily in our IT and related infrastructure so that our crew remains empowered. This effort guarantees we can deliver the quality your customers expect and rightfully deserve. 

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