Knowledge Services

We acknowledge your needs for a partner who understands the complexities of Knowledge Process Outsourcing. 

At CogentHub, we offer detailed research, process-analysis and understanding to present high-quality business data. This data will help you strategise plans to attain set business objectives.

We recognise that you are looking for ways to create value in the current economic scenario. Furthermore, there has to be a tight-grip on cost controls without losing productivity, quality and efficiency. Hence we have meticulously designed our international KPO Services product striving to support you with this business front. Using a critical strategic pillar, CogentHub focuses on enhancing time-to-market and organisational effectiveness. We achieve this by providing our team-mates with access to special skills that prepare them to deliver engaging experiences.

Our Knowledge Services portfolio incorporates research and analytics, data exploration, business analysis, financial services, integration and management services. This attribute allows us to continuously sharpen advanced technical and analytical skills utilised to keep you ahead in the market.


Analytical intelligence is a key competitive differentiator for businesses. Cogenthub helps businesses gain a competitive edge using the power of business process and data.

Industry Expertise


Customer profiling and target marketing, Product scheme/ Incentive assessment, Multi-channel customer experience optimisation, Loyalty program analytics etc.


Data Aggregation & Mining, Business Intelligence, Fraud Detection & Prevention, Customer Behaviour Analysis and more


Interline Network Optimisation Analytics, Monthly Business Analysis and Management Reporting, Proviso Analysis and Structuring, Predictive Analysis for Revenue Projections, SPA Performance Analysis as Compared with Market Data, etc.

Financial Services

Our Financial Research Knowledge Services are based on a solid foundation of domain and execution expertise.